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Josh Donald
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Josh Donald Scott has a release that is such a joy to listen to! Excellent riffs. Great classic structure. You can tell he has been influenced by many wonderful artists but has found a way to use that influence and turn it into his own.

Buy this! It will be worth your listening time.

Thank for the tunes Scott! Favorite track: Breaking Up With Lady Luck.
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Foray (ˈfôrˌā,ˈfärˌā) n.: an initial venture; a brief excursion or attempt especially outside one's accustomed sphere

Despite making music for quite a while (with a variety of groups including drunkdude69, Foonspeeders, Thomas Reed Smith etc) I have really never made an album that had my name on it front and center. As the definition above says, this is my first time - be gentle.

There is another layer to the name of this record. Ray Leonardi, one of my closest friends, passed away unexpectedly not long ago. He was an avid music fan, and we spent countless hours listening to music, drinking adult beverages, and going to see shows.

We used to get together with friends and play a game in which everyone got to add some songs to the playlist and you'd have to guess who added which tunes. Ray always loved him some classics: Ramones, Iggy Pop, the Clash. He dug modern acts too, like Metric, Silversun Pickups, and Foals. Occasionally he would surprise us with a left-field, highly secret pick - like Paula Abdul.

Sometimes, if Ray had a pint or two over his limit, he'd be less than polite if he thought your musical selections were crap. "Play something GOOD!" he would intone. He couldn't always articulate exactly what was "good". But we all knew.

His enthusiasm for the beginnings of this set of songs was unbridled. He loved the rock guitars and the amazing drum tracks laid down by Jim Evans and Steve Renko. He was very much looking forward to helping me out with his promotional skills once it was done.

I initially wanted to keep the instrumentation to guitars, bass and drums in an effort to do something different from DD69 and the other projects I've worked on for years. Ultimately, though, I felt like something was missing. When I started to add some synth tracks to flavor things I realized that was the puzzle piece that I had wanted to find.

So the final product may have veered a little more into pop territory than Ray would have liked. I wish he was still here to hear the final product.

Even if he would have listened to it and said, "Play something GOOD!"

*** I am donating part of any money made by this album or these songs to the American Diabetes Association in memory of Ray. Thanks for listening ***


released May 1, 2017

Additional Musicians:

Steve Renko (drums on 1,2,4,5,6,7,9)
Jim Evans (drums on 3,8)
Scott Haumesser (drums on 10)
Jeff Endemann (guitar on 10)

All songs written by Scott Martin except * written by Joey Gallo, Leon F Sylvers, Marquis Dair

Songs published by Snoozeking Music (ASCAP) except * published by Portrait Solar Music, used under license

Recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at Snoozeking Studios, Lava Room, and Closer Look

Additional engineering by Chris Ebbert at Lava Room (

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Scott Martin (

Mastered by
Chris Graham


all rights reserved



Scott Martin Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Not Listening
We could talk until we’re breathless
You can tell me what we ought to say
You pretend that you’re not restless
I’ll pretend that I don’t notice
In your eyes I
See your hidden agenda
What I mistook for love
Was camouflaged in lies
So go ahead and say you’re sorry
(Say you're sorry)

Yeah everyone makes mistakes
There's always someone to blame
Just say what you want to say
And now it's all coming down
But is it making a sound
When no one's listening

You keep on saying you're right
But no one said you were wrong
It's just the same old song
And when it's all coming down
It's such a beautiful sound

You live as if you’re blameless
Your indignation clearly shows
I can see that nothing changes
You can lie out loud but we both know
You came here
To hear your own confession
As if I am the one to grant you absolution
Go ahead and say you’re sorry
(Say you're sorry)

You left me bitter and angry
But I pulled through
These days I’m smarter and stronger
I’m over you
Track Name: Breaking Up With Lady Luck
We hit the jackpot for a while
We were inseparable - I loved her winning smile
But lately she's been cold as ice
She won't answer calls, and I'm afraid to roll the dice
I can't let it ride

I'm breaking up with Lady Luck
She's foolin' around, I'm calling her bluff
(So) lose or win I'm going all in
I'm breaking up with Lady Luck

When stakes were high I dropped my guard
She was my queen - I thought our love was in the cards
Now I can see I was naive
Played what I was dealt while she kept aces up her sleeve
I still can't believe

I wish I was wrong
And we could work it out
'Cause I've really been missing you lately
But when the odds are long and the chips are down
You're never around when I need you baby
Track Name: Black Box
Bobby likes to get high every night
Likes to watch Tee Vee until he can’t remember what
His real life was like
Suzy likes to date a lot of guys
Likes to take them home and make them watch as she uncrosses
Her smooth, stockinged thighs
She likes to look into their eyes

Me, I’ve traded in my gavel and my robe
I just could not sit in judgement knowing what I know

Let’s step in the big black box and disassociate
We’ll break down, we'll all just go to pieces
Let’s decide not to decide, we’ll leave it all up to fate
'Cause this is not a game someone can win
In the end you’re back where you begin
No one comes out quite like they went in the
Big black box

Jack and Jill sneak off to cheap motels
Catch a thrill by playing dirty, then they sneak on back
To their new white house up on the hill
Someone cleans up the mess and sends them a bill

Me, I’ve given up on blaming someone else
I could not pass judgement without sentencing myself
Track Name: Quitter
Found a dollar in the pocket of an old dress shirt
Kept the buck - tore the shirt up and threw it in the dirt
Stare at me like I'm crazy but my feelings ain't hurt
I ain't worried 'bout a thing 'cause I don't have to go to work

I quit my job
It was sucking the life out of me
Let me tell you how it feels to be free
I'm broke but I'm happy as can be
It wasn't worth the agony I did it

Read the paper every morning and savor every minute
Play the lotto every Thursday and hope to hell I win it
Deep down you want to do this though you might never admit it
I ain't worried 'bout a thing just don't tell my girl I did it

Hey buddy...missed you at the big meeting.
Are you doing okay? You look a little green around the gills.
Did you get the big email? It's really important.
There's gonna be a big, big meeting next week.
Didja get that?

Thumbtacks toner paper clips
Legal pads and message slips
Corporate climbing politics
All those jerks can suck on this: I quit!
Track Name: Narcissus Drowned
You and your reflection
Such a pretty pair
Models of perfection
White teeth and shiny hair
To you your life's a movie
And you're the superstar
The rest are only extras
But they all know who you are

If only you could pry your eyes away
If only you would take a look around
You might see me sneaking up behind you
To remind you that Narcissus drowned

The center of attention
Better than the rest
Monopolize discussion
You deserve only the best
But on the day you're lonely
You'll be left with no one else
And when the mirror cracks my friend
You can't hide from yourself

Do you remember when you had it all
Before you let it go straight to your head
They say that pride goes before a fall
You're going down with no one to catch you
Track Name: Set Me Free
I've signed my life away on your dotted lines
You've made me a prisoner, though I can't recall my crimes
And I know if things stay this way
I'll remain locked up in these chains
I'll never see the light of day
Well I've got one demand to make

Set me free

It's not your endorsement that carries all the weight
It's my breaking back beneath the pressure you create
Now I grow old before my time
Boxed in by a white chalk line
While you pretend that you are blind
To the pain I cannot hide

Set me free

I never heard you latch the lock and throw the key away
You took advantage of my youth and my naiveté
I've closed my dusty book of dreams, forgotten yesterday
Now it's all academic
Track Name: Unwound
I think I heard her say
It's time to go outside and play
Now take my hand
Come down the hall
These same old walls

Outside this door
Is where the sun is shining
Whatever it is I was looking for
I don't think I can find it here

I'm checking out, I'm breaking down
I've come undone, I am unwound
I'm checking out, I'm breaking down
I've come undone, I am unwound

I think I heard her say
It's time to put your toys away
Now take my hand
Come down the hall
Old plaster walls

Try to ignore
The sound of TV static
Behind every door
Whatever it is I was looking for
I don't think I can find it here

I think I heard her say
You'll live to fight another day
Now take my hand
Come down the hall

I've been here before
Always the same thing waiting
Behind every door
Whatever it is I was looking for
I don't think I can find it here
Track Name: Big Sky
Under a big sky you can see every star
Sometimes the sun and moon both share the same stage
You’re left to decide what size your troubles really are
Faced with eternity, a long unblinking gaze

Under a big sky a man can feel so small
Wondering how he fits into it all

And on the desert floor mountains rise from scarlet sand
Wind whispers history in confidential sighs
Your consciousness expands but still fits on the head of a pin
What seems a lifetime is just the blink of an eye

And when you think that you know everything
Puzzle pieces won’t fit anymore
And if you blink the picture changes again
And it leaves you wondering
Track Name: Rewind
Did I tell you I know everything?
Did I tell you I was wrong?
While these ravens gather at my feet
My misery gets deep

A hundred miles away from anything
I can only argue with the moon
Though I myself am feeling none too bright
Is this same light shining on you?

If I could go back in time and find that precious moment my friend
I'd undo the thing that brought us to this bitter end
I guess we all might like just one more chance to try again
A chance to try again

There's a dream I have most every night
You up on a mountain top
And above the sun is punishing
I keep climbing and never stop

If I could go back in time and find that precious moment I swear
I'd undo the thing that brought me here but left you there
I guess we'd all like one more chance to show how much we care
Or a chance to try again

I can't take this heat
I see things where there's nothing to see
Face in the clouds
Looks like yours to me

[guitar solo]

If I could reverse the flow of this ruching reality
I'd rewind 'til I could find a place for you and me
I guess we'd all like just one chance to live our fantasy
Or a chance to try again
Or a chance to try again
Another chance to try again

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